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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RFP mean?
RFP means a “request for proposals” and is the document that puts in motion the competitive procurement process for selecting organizations to provide services and activities and to operate programs. The issuance of RFPs is a typical method for entities, in this case the MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board, Inc. (MHHCWB), to solicit proposals from potential bidders. Vendors selected through the RFP process will contract directly with the MHHCWB, Inc.

What does RFQ mean?
RFQ means “request for qualifications” and is a type of procurement typically used to procure a vendor for goods and services when we are seeking competitive quotes for a specific type of service. Examples include consultants for research and evaluation, website development services, and audit services.

What kind of program services and activities does the MHHCWB generally seek proposals for?
In its role as the lead workforce development agency in Hampden County, the MHHCWB procures and oversees many employment and training programs. Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), most training to adults will be delivered through the Individual Training Account system. WIOA allows group contracts to be procured only under limited circumstances and therefore RFPs for group services will only be issued with WIOA funds to respond to a particular demand and need.

We will continue to select vendors to operate year-round programs for youth via an RFP every two years. Also, funds received that are other than WIOA may require a competitive procurement process for training and training-related services.

What criteria is used to determine the successful bidder?
Selection of successful bidders will be based on a number of factors. Proposals must be submitted on a timely and complete basis and meet various “minimum threshold” requirements. Then, how bidders propose to accomplish the services and activities sought are carefully screened. The specific criteria that will be considered include past performance in similar ventures, cost effectiveness of the current proposal and a comprehensive and detailed description of the proposed service or activity. All proposals for a given solicitation will be reviewed and evaluated on the same criteria and recommendations for contract awards will be submitted for approval to a Board Committee and/or full Board of Directors of the MHHCWB. See the actual RFP document(s) for minimum threshold requirements and other specific selection criteria information.

How often does the MHHCWB issue RFPs?
Generally, the MHHCWB issues its RFPs in two-year cycles for WIOA Youth vendors and four-years for One-Stop Career Center Operators. Names of potential bidders are maintained by the MHHCWB on a master list. When an RFP is going to be issued, all are notified and legal notices are also placed into local newspapers.

If I am not on this master list, how do I get on?
By contacting the MHHCWB at on our “contact us” page or calling 413-787-1552.

Technical Questions

What technical system requirements are recommended for most effective use of this website?
This website can be viewed using all major browsers. The RFPs themselves are available for download in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. Certain sections of the RFP may also be posted as Word or Excel documents.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader?
Adobe Acrobat Reader is a software program designed to allow a user to read through published material, browsing page to page, randomly if desired, on a computer screen. It is the preferred format for electronic publication of RFPs by State and Federal government entities.

Adobe Acrobat Reader software is free from the vendor at:


Please note that this system was not designed to keep track of which organizations have downloaded a specific document. As a result, it is the responsibility of every Bidder to check the MHHCWB’s RFP Center for any addenda or modifications to a solicitation for which they intend to respond. The MHHCWB accepts no liability and will provide no accommodation to bidders who fail to check for amended solicitations and submit inadequate or incorrect responses. Potential bidders are advised to check the “last change” field on the summary page of solicitations for which they intend to submit a response to ensure that they have the most recent solicitation files.

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