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Training for Adults Through Our One-Stop Career Centers

Often, an important first step in finding a new job or in changing jobs is getting the right training that will make you more likely to be hired by the employer. This could consist of an educational program to get your GED, attendance at college, enrollment in a short-term vocational program that provides you with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the new job, or on-the-job training.

For classroom training, the Career Centers have a process in place for individuals interested in training to determine sources of financial aid. In some instances, people may be eligible for training grants based on their eligibility for various federal programs. For example, dislocated workers, recipients of transitional assistance, youth, and economically disadvantaged adults may be eligible for financial assistance from the federal or state government in the form of training vouchers to help pay the costs of training. Based on funding availability, you may receive up to $5,000 in funding assistance to attend training at an approved training provider or up to $7,500 for a combination of occupational skills training and GED or ESL training. To research available approved training opportunities go to the state website for access to the database and other information!

To obtain a training voucher, you may be required to apply for a federal Pell Grant to help pay for the training, although you can still be given a training voucher while you are waiting to find out if you are eligible for a Pell Grant. You are not required to apply for loans that you must repay.

The MHHCWB also funds employer-reimbursed On-the-Job Training of newly hired workers. If an employer opts to hire and train you on-the-job, we can work with the employer to help partially fund the training. For more information, see brochure to right and contact Melissa Scibelli at 413-755-1360 or email her at

There are also other training fund options for individuals laid off from thier job that sometimes are available depending on circumstances of a company’s lay-off status. They are the Trade Program and National Emergency Grants.


What is the TRADE Program?

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a federal program that provides a path for employment growth and opportunity through aid to U.S. workers who have lost their jobs as a result of foreign trade. The TAA program seeks to provide these trade-affected workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, resources and support they need to become reemployed. The program benefits and services that are available to individual workers are administered by the states through agreements between the Secretary of Labor and each state Governor. Program eligibility, technical assistance and oversight are provided by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration’s Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance. For active Hampden County TRADE companies please contact Edda Daniele-Johnson at


The Purpose of National Emergency Grants (NEG)

NEGs are discretionary awards by the Secretary of Labor that temporarily expand service capacity at the state and local levels through time-limited funding assistance in response to significant dislocation events. Significant events are those that create a sudden need for assistance that cannot reasonably be expected to be accommodated within the ongoing operations of the formula-funded Dislocated Worker program, including the discretionary resources reserved at the state level. For active Hampden County NEG’s please contact Edda Daniele-Johnson at


Literacy Training for Adults Through Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Funded Provider Network

If getting a GED or improving your English skills is your first step, look into the many DESE-funded literacy providers in our region by clicking here and going to that section of our website.

To inquire about educational or training programs, contact one of the Career Centers at:

MassHire Holyoke Career Center
850 High Street, Holyoke, MA
Call at (413) 592-4900
MassHire Springfield Career Center
95 Liberty Street, Springfield, MA
Call at (413) 858-2800
At our Career Centers, jobseekers have access to a broad array of services from a comprehensive assortment of employment programs.

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