Virtual Manufacturing Training Program


Applicants for this program must be unemployed as a result of COVID. Please see ” Virtual Manufacturing Training Program Eligibility” document below for specific details.




The Virtual Manufacturing (VM) training program is an opportunity for individuals unemployed due to COVID to learn more about a career in manufacturing. This is a seven (7) week training program comprised of seven training modules


Overview of the Curriculum

There are seven (7) curriculum topics you will be focusing on during the seven (7) week training:

  1. Manufacturing Career Awareness (Tooling U Modules- 20 Hours)
  2. Basic Manufacturing Work Standards (Google Workspace-20 Hours)
  3. Basic Manufacturing Principles (Tooling U-20 Hours)
  4. Occupational Safety & Health (Tooling U Module- 10 Hours)
  5. Manufacturing Basics: Measurement and
  6. Mathematics Hours (Tooling U- 20 hours)
  7. Manufacturing Basics: Blueprint Reading (Tooling U- 20 Hours)
  8. Manufacturing Basics: Machining Operations and Techniques (Tooling U – 50 Hours)

The majority of your training (90%) will be through Tooling U, an online training platform for the manufacturing industry. Each trainee will be provided a Tooling U account with login information. You will have time to get comfortable with the interface prior to the start of the program. The program director will review Tooling U with the trainees during the training program orientation.

The other 10% of your training will assigned by your instructor and will consist of research and article reviews through YouTube and other online media.

  • The program will be monitored by the instructor and will move at the best pace for the students
  • Students will have access to the coach/instructors through Gmail and Google Meet events that will be scheduled
  • The seven curriculum topics will be schedule based on the discretion of the instructors

The 1st training class starts on Monday, April 19th, 2021. if you are interested in registering for this opportunity you will to contact one of the following MassHire Career center staff members:

Masshire Holyoke
Kate Smith
Masshire Springfield
Yvette Jackson
413 858 -2827

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