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  • WIOA Plan and Publications

    The featured reports give local planning information on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities (WIOA), passed into law to replace the Workforce Investment Act as of July 1, 2015, and other workforce development planning documents.   See documents posted under Relevant Links to the right.  To review our organization’s Strategic Plan – click here!

    For information on the WIOA Competitive Procurement of our One-Stop Career Center Operators, please go to: http://masshirehcwb.com/job-seekers-employees-career-center/

    See also The Regional Economy section of our website for other publications and papers related to labor market, economic, and worker demographic trends.

    We will use this page to publish planning documents as it pertains to those sections of the WIOA Act for which the MHHCWB has direct local planning responsibility for, at a minimum:

    • Wagner-Peyser Labor Exchange Services at our One-Stop Career Centers;
    • Services to WIOA eligible Adults and Dislocated Workers; and
    • Programs for WIOA eligible youth.

    Click on these links for the FY19-21 Hampden Local WIOA Plan (with no modifications mid-cycle) and its accompanying, updated MOU Attachments.   The Plan closed it’s public comment period on December 12, 2018 and no comments were received.  Click on these links for the FY21 Hampden WIOA Operational Plan.

    In addition, the Massachusetts WIOA Statewide Interagency Workgroup reviewed all of the required WIOA processes at the state, regional and local levels (Regional WIOA Planning, local operational plan development, One Stop Career Center procurement, Workforce Board Certification, WIOA Umbrella Memorandum of Understanding, Title II procurement etc.).  The Interagency Workgroup created a framework for overall implementation that aligns the required processes and products in order to reduce duplication of effort on the WIOA Partners, including the Workforce Development Boards.

    To this end, the process to create local 4 year plans for the Title I WIOA system relies on the completion and incorporation of these critical WIOA mandated processes to build the partnerships and content required by Section 108 of WIOA.  Taken together, these processes support and promote the continued vitality of the Commonwealth’s workforce and economic development efforts to deliver quality employment, education, and training services that are responsive to and meet the needs of job seekers and employers.

    MA developed 4 Year Local Plans in two working cycles or phases.  Cycle 1: Initial Local Plan Package (effective July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018):  The Initial Local Plan (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) for each of the 16 Workforce Development Boards is comprised of information that corresponds to the requirements of WIOA section 108, and contains the following documents as it related to Hampden County:

    1. Pioneer Valley Regional Data Package (demographic information, employer demand, career pathways, employment supply gap)
    2. Adult Basic Education Information as provided to DCS for new RFP process
    3. Our new Local Workforce Board Strategic Plan
    4. Our Local Umbrella Memorandum of Understanding with WIOA partners (methods of integrated service delivery, customer service flow)
    5. Participant Summaries and Performance Indicators (data to support planning)

    Each Workforce Board’s Initial Local Plan package can be accessed here: http://www.mass.gov/massworkforce/wioa/acls/local-plan/

    The FY19-21 Local Plan is Cycle 2.