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Professional Staff

Meet the MHHCWB’s professional staff. We are solutions people, providing a one-stop resource for workforce development to employers, employees and job-seekers and the youth of our region.  To download our Table of Organization click here.   To contact one of us, please go to this page:

Name & Title Phone
David M. Cruise
President and Chief Executive Officer
(413) 755-1362
Christine Abramowitz
Vice-President of Administration and Workforce Systems
(413) 755-1358
Diana Carr
Vice-President and Comptroller
(413) 755-1363
Michael Chechette
Director of Career Training
(413) 755-1384
Aida Claudio
Senior Accounts Payable Specialist
(413) 755-1302
Tina Efantis
Contracts Facilitator and Monitor
(413) 755-1353
Peta-Gaye Porter
Manager of Healthcare Workforce Initiatives
(413) 233-9856
Maura Geary
Director of Workforce Services
(413) 755-1367
Edda Johnson
Managing Director of Career Center Services
(413) 755-1326
Brian King
Director of the Connected Learning in Afterschool & Summer Partnership
(413) 787-1815
Kathryn Kirby
Manager of Youth Workforce Programs
(413) 755-1359
Joanne Lyons
Executive Assistant for Administrative Operations
(413) 787-1552
Amanda Mantilla
Program Data Specialist
(413) 755-1330
Larry Martin
Director of Business Services and Market Research
(413) 755-1361
George Ryan
Manager, Transitional Assistance Programs and Program Monitoring
(413) 755-1319
Melissa Scibelli
Director of Workforce Development Programs
(413) 755-1360
Steve Trueman
Vice-President of Workforce Operations
(413) 755-1375