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  • Legislative Updates

    In the MHHCWB’s Strategic Plan, strategic priorities in four key areas to build the overall quality of our workforce are set forth.  The fourth of those is to “Be the Lead Advocate, Planner and Convener to Promote and Fund Regional Workforce Development.” We actively engage key stakeholders to develop, market and support the critical importance of workforce development to our regional economy. We align our goals with the strategic plans of key economic development and educational organizations and commit to increasing stakeholders’ understanding of the pivotal role of workforce development in community and economic development and their support for resources to expand public and private investment in the system.

    One way to achieve that goal is by promoting understanding of the key workforce development related legislation under consideration by state legislators and we work in partnership with all other MA workforce boards, as members of the MA Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Association on this education process. For all updated information on current legislation click here to go to the MA WIB Association website.  Also see to right under Related Links for contact info on state and federal Hampden County legislative delegation and Hampden County Mayors (with website links).